Friday, May 13, 2011

In the Kitchen Part 2

Hamburgers don’t have ham in them, but they should.
I made burger patties the other week for a little barbecue. You know, during the two days of sunshine we’ve managed to have this spring? Instead of ground beef, I used lean ground pork. An egg, a few bread crumbs, a dash of seasoning, and we ended up with some seriously awesome burgers.
Not only were these “hamburgers” now more accurately named, they were tender, flavourful and moist. They retained these qualities even days later when reheated in the microwave as leftovers. The pork burgers were easier to barbecue, too: no flare-ups on the grill that often left my beef burgers scorched and “Cajun-style,” if you will. Carcinogens are bad for you, after all.
So, to sum up: pork burgers delicious, tender, and easier to cook. Beef burgers tough, burned, and not as tasty. The clear winner, once again, is the pig.
Pigs give us organs for transplanting, donated blood, a convenient analogy for communists in Orwellian literature, human body analogs for criminal sciences, bacon, and now this. Is there anything this magical animal can’t do?

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