Tuesday, April 19, 2011

You're hired!

All my dreams may be answered in 2012. Imagine a presidential race between Obama and Donald Trump. Actually, imagine a presidential race between anyone and Donald Trump. We are talking about some seriously good times here.
He's tying in the early polls with ancients like Mike Huckabee, and crushing real politicians, like Mitt Romney. Madness, yet here we are. If I were a bookie, Trump would be getting the long odds on receiving the Republican nomination. He’s maybe a five-to-one or even a ten-to-one shot. The shocker is that he isn’t a million-to-one shot. Can anyone look at him without sniggering? That hair alone should be a deal-breaker as far as being considered a serious candidate to run for The Most Powerful Man in the World slot. Some GOPs do think of him as a joke candidate. Astoundingly, others do not. Here’s a sample:
“I’ve been pleasantly surprised by Trump.”
“Trump is saying on the national stage what other people won’t talk about.”
“He is causing conversations.”
“He’s got people fired up.”
All of these quotes are from actual card-carrying Republicans. Furthermore, they are said in terms of admiration rather than head-shaking bewilderment.
Maybe I shouldn’t be so surprised. These are, after all, the people who brought us Dubya. How could they seriously have thought that someone as vacant-eyed, as clownish, as stupid, could have a chance at the big seat? I mean, come on, didn’t they at least interview Dubya? One conversation alone would have revealed that he had only a passing knowledge of his native language, among a laundry list of other flaws? They should have instantly seen that he didn’t have a hope of winning a presidential race. Laughable, really.
Oh wait, never mind. He won twice (sort of). It could be those GOP dudes have a better idea of how the American public will cast (waste) their votes than I do.
Trump for 2012. If it all goes according to plan, it’ll be a hilarious contest. If it doesn’t, the last thing Obama will hear will be those sound-bite words: “You’re fired!”

EDIT: Since posting this in the morning, news articles have begun to see print claiming that some Republicans are actively working to undermine Trump, as they see him as incapable of defeating Obama. Coincidence? Or do my seven loyal readers hold secret sway over American political parties and/or news agencies?

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