Thursday, April 14, 2011

Great support

We’re getting great support.
This has become Harper’s tag-line this election. Every time he is asked a hard question, all he really says is “We are getting great support.” He says it in a variety of ways: Lots of people attend our rallies, we have wide-spread representation, Canadians worship me. (That last one might not be a direct quote... but then again, it might.)
Students booted from a rally for also daring to listen to Ignatieff. “Great support.” Please bring your ethnic costumes to Tory photo-ops. “Great support.” Recycled a quote supporting Liberal party actions in order to make themselves look good. “Great support.”
The sad truth is that he isn’t lying. They do have great support. Four-tenths of the decided public, give or take, would still elect Harper right now. Come on people! If he sprouted horns and carried a glowing red pitchfork, would that be enough? Or would he just grin that soulless smile at you, say “Great support,” and win your vote anyway?
The other parties have had gaffs, too. Iggy booted a racist out of the running, for example. The thing is, Harper never apologizes. He never takes corrective action. He never shows remorse, guilt, or admits to wrong-doing. You know who else shares that list of traits? Psychopaths. But hey, let’s vote him in again, why not?
I’m sure many of us live in ridings with perfectly decent Conservative candidates that would do their best to support us and our interests. The thing we have to remember is that when we bring a Tory home, we also get Harper. That is not a good deal.
Maybe you truly adore the Conservatives. You believe in their economic policies. You want to crush the arts, or close libraries, or give rich people tax cuts. Maybe it’s their social agenda that appeals to you (probably not, if you’re reading this blog). Fine. I can accept that. We just need to cut Harper loose, though. It really has to happen.
So here’s what we do. Instead of splitting the left-wing vote, we all gather together and bring Iggy to 24 Sussex Drive. Don’t throw your vote away on Green or NDP, even if you fervently believe in their cause. Quebec, don’t vote Bloc, just for one election - it’s okay, they’ll still be here next time. Give the Liberals a 90% share of the vote. The Conservatives do what every party does when they take a brutal pounding in an election - they bring in a new leader. Then next time we go to the polls, we can all go back to normal. Vote Green, NDP, Liberal, Bloc, even Tory again. Whatever you like.
It isn't about loving Liberals or hating Conservatives. It's about getting rid of Canada's second world-famous robot (first one was the CanadArm). Follow my plan and it could happen. Spread the word. Make it a thing. We can do it, Canada!

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