Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Don't blame Monty Python!

Terry Jones has done no one any good by burning a Qur’an. First of all, he has besmirched the heretofore proud name of Terry Jones of Monty Python fame. Shame! Second, and probably more importantly, he has thrown a big lit match into the powderkeg that is the Middle East. People have died as a result. As tempting as it is to blame Terry “Lunatic Christian” Jones for their deaths, most of that blame has to be laid at the feet of the murderous radicals that actually ended up with blood on their hands. Most, but not all.
Certainly there is no shortage of radical insanity or blame to go around. Florida radicals provokes Islamic radicals, and of course, just the existence of Islam is enough to provoke Florida radicals right back. It’s a vicious circle. The big losers in all of this are the innocent people that have been killed already along with all the others put in danger by an escalation of animosity in an area already (justifiably) disposed not to like us a whole bunch. Can anyone doubt that the lives of soldiers as well as civilians have been put in danger because one crazy man burned a book?
This pastor didn’t directly kill anyone. But he sure helped make things worse. So why isn’t the US prosecuting him? Didn’t Mr. Jones put American lives in jeopardy? Like, a lot? I’m only asking because “jeopardy to soldiers’ lives” is the precise reason the US whined and complained when Wikileaks let slide a bunch of American embarrassment into the public eye. That was their justification for sending the Attorney General’s office perusing through their shelves of leather-bound volumes to find a broken law Assange could be charged with. Soldiers were put in danger. National security interests have been threatened. Therefore the perpetrator of that heinous crime should be strung up.
Well, not if he’s religious. Or an American. But Assange? He is safely foreign and his religious interests (if any) are not a matter of public record. Certainly he's no pulpit-beating right-winger. That's two strikes already. Heaven help the man if he’s discovered to have entered, at any time, a mosque! It’ll really be ‘game on’ then.

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