Friday, February 4, 2011

More the fool, I

Gah, I did it again! I scrolled down and read the comments after a CBC story.
This one was about the meetings Harper is having with Obama regarding trade and security. The article quotes NDP MP Brian Masse as saying: “American politician continue to slag Canadians as terrorists and they go uncontested every single day.” Then, like a fool, I kept going down to the dark depths of public idiocy and read a comment: “Mr. Masse, get over yourself. Mud is flung from both sides of the border.”
Once again the urge to reach mystically through the internet to slap someone took hold of me. When Canadian politicians fling mud, they get reprimanded. When Americans fling mud, it becomes public policy. Doesn’t anyone recall, for example, that Janet Napolitano is still Secretary of Homeland Security? This bird firmly believes that every terrorist that’s drifted into the U.S. has done so from our side of the border. Just how many lunatic policies has just this one ignoramus managed to enact? They are an excitable people, Americans, and it doesn't take much to goad them into ignoring all reason and running roughshod over civil liberties and international relations alike.
No one can dispute that throwing a pebble at someone is wrong, but pitching a brick into someone’s face is just a little bit worse. In terms of national and global effect, that’s what Canadian versus American ill-will garners you (we’re the pebble, in case you weren’t sure). So while it is certainly true that both sides chuck particulate soil in a colloidal suspension*, only one toss results in a veritable mudslide. Canadian mudslinging becomes sketches on This Hour has 22 Minutes or Rick Mercer Report. American mudslinging becomes McCarthyism.
(*"particulate soil in a colloidal suspension" being, of course, another way of saying "mud." Thanks to Sheldon Cooper of The Big Bang Theory for the synonym, which I gleefully stole.)

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