Sunday, February 13, 2011

The good guys march in a line

I haven't caught every major news event in my lifetime. But this is definitely the first time I can remember public acclaim and applause to follow in the wake of military intervention. After the departure of a despot, the Egyptian military has stepped in and dissolved parliament. This move is being celebrated in the streets by virtually all sides.

What happened to the days when dictators gained and then maintained power through the support of the army? What is going on when the greatest force pushing for democracy is the military? They dissolved parliament! Logically, that should be bad, horrible, an atrocity, and a harbinger of worse to come. Isn't this supposed to be the move of a villain? Heck, the Emperor dissolved parliament in Star Wars, and he's pure evil!

Sure, I get it. In this case, parliament is corrupt and elected under shady circumstances. Getting rid of them will mean a smoother transition of power in the future. Of course, that's probably what the Emperor said just before he fired all the politicians, too.

Still, maybe we're hearing the accurate story. The military probably are the White Hats in this case, but that only deepens the mystery. Doesn't the military know that its power should be used only in support of the Dark Side? What sort of training academy did these dudes go to, anyway? Defending democracy while a perfectly useful, evil dictator slips offstage? Madness, I tell you; sheer madness.

If this trend continues, every evil tyrant in the world will have to sleep with one eye open. If you can't trust the army to defend your iron-fisted policies, who can you trust? Harper might soon be dragged off in chains. If only the U.S. military had the morals of the Egyptians we might have been spared eight years of Dubya.

Go Army, indeed.

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