Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Today in the news

“Medvedev faults airport security for bombing”
Really, Mr. Russian President? That's who you blame? Shouldn’t you, I don't know, fault the bombersI get what they mean, but it’s a poorly worded headline (I blame CBC for this, not Medvedev).

Regarding an online classified ad placing a two-month old baby for sale, the Cape Breton police spokesperson said:
"We were able to confirm that at this point, it does, unfortunately, seem like a hoax or a joke."
Is it unfortunate because it’s in bad taste, or because you really wanted to buy the baby? Clarity should be the hallmark of professional spokespeople, yet apparently it isn't (as illustrated below).
Taco Bell is being sued because it claims to use “seasoned ground beef” in its ads. To no one’s surprise, testing has discovered there is only 35% actual beef in their “meat mixture.” (I would have thought it was less.) My advice to Taco Bell? Take a page from the McDonald’s playbook, and just trademark your mixture under the name “Seasoned Ground Beef.” Problems can always be solved by jumping through the right loophole.
The TB spokesperson said the company would "vigorously defend the suit." Doesn’t that make it sound like they are going to back the people suing them? I know, the “not enough meat” people are the plaintiffs, so TB is the defendant, and therefore the spokesperson’s statement is technically accurate. It just comes off sounding like he’ll be walking up and down outside the courthouse with a sandwich board saying “Yo Quiero Meat, Down with Taco Bell!”

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